timezone is eastern standard time.


15:42 2020-04-06

Soulseek is sorta back up! It will be up every now and then,
so please check it whenever you can!

I now have a tumblr for random thoughts. My plan is to
work on my writing skills, and perhaps get into creating
stories for people to read.



17:02 2020-03-18

Phew, got some toilet paper for the times to come.

Updated my music page. Soulseek has been dead for a little
bit becuase I am quite lazy with keeping things running in
the background. It will come back soon, I hope!


21:33 2020-03-07

Added some more pages.

programs.txt - List of programs that I like to use.
Still being updated, it's probably incomplete.

music.html - My music collection. Available on Soulseek!

etc/index.html - list of mentioned pages and more.

Daylight come, me wanna go home. Daylight Savings Time starts
in around four hours and thirty minutes.


22:04 2020-03-01

(Almost) Spring cleaning.

I removed almost everything from my website again. I finally decided
on what I want to do with this website.

What will I do with this website?

Turn it into a portal! Have a small bio of myself, and have links to
all of my social media. I would obviously add a link to my blog (here!)

Things will be different quite soon, I would hope.


20:00 2020-01-29

Happy late new year. Finally got that damned adapter. Who knew you had
to use Windows 10 x64 in order to use it? Yeah, yeah, I know. I could
have just used Linux instead. I didn't because I'm too lazy to recreate
the scripts I used for the Pi (which is dead) to automatically connect
and redirect the AP to the router.

I got a really big grin when I saw 3.5MiB/s as the max download speed.


Anyways, new things.

I added an unauthorized and unofficial mirror to the absolutely epic
webtoon, "I'm the Grim Reaper." I love archiving and mirroring things,
so why not do it here as well. If you don't like it, contact me for
crying out loud. There's no need to cause collateral damage for a single
thing that's on my website.

I'm glad I'm still alive, after all this time. I mean, holy shit,
Porter dropped a track today! That gives one thousand and more levels
of hype, excitement, and happiness to me! You guys should have a listen:
His message about this song is truly a beautiful one. When you
experience a breakthrough, it truly relieves and frees you.

On another topic, I don't really know what to do with this site anymore,
honestly. I feel too disconnected from it, and I just want to start anew
once again. I also have the feeling of "that's just not necessary, lol,"
so I don't know what to do for now.

We'll see what happens this year.


p.s. i lost 7USD after trying to pay something in BCH, lmfao


22:38 2019-11-16

Another month has passed. Nothing that notable has happened recently.

My wifi adapter (ALFA AWUS036NHA) died. I'm gonna get a new one soon.
Hopefully this (ASUS PCE-AC58BT) will work better. Hell, maybe I'll get
faster internet! lol

I removed the Lain series from the site, as I lost interest in encoding
the entire series. Just watch it by yourself with some 3rd-party thing.

I also redesigned my homepage again, so that's pretty cool. Other pages
have not been updated yet, but they will come sooner or later. I can't
guarantee anything anymore.


20:51 2019-10-19

Almost been a month without any updates. Sorry about that!

It's six days until my birthday. Quite excited, to say the least.


17:20 2019-09-28

It started working again after some messing around a few hours after the
last post. Anyways, new music--go check it out.


08:46 2019-09-28

For some ungodly reason, GitLab is not letting anyone access my website,
AND it's giving a fucking 404. I'm dying out here.


08:13 2019-09-28

More music will be added soon. I also changed the CSS background from
magical stripes to just a striped background image. When the page required
you to scroll down, it just clips and it's too annoying to figure out.


21:58 2019-09-24

After many traumatic experiences, I finally got Windows 7 up and running
with all of my happy little programs. Wifi was shitting itself but
messing with the drivers has fixed it. I hope, at least.


11:01 2019-09-23

Sorry for no real updates in the past few days, I was spending my weekend
the way most people would be. Lazing, sleeping, eating, and more sleeping.
Now it's the beginning of the week once again, good ol' Mondays.

So, my Windows 10 installation croaked. Running really slow, shortcuts
are suddenly breaking, and all that good stuff. I'm going to go back to
Windows 7 for now. Windows 8.1 is a pain to deal with, and Linux is out
of the idea because I depend on Windows-only programs and OpenGL games
run like shit on Linux due to this specific processor. Hell, if I hadn't
bricked the damn BIOS on a different computer, I'd be living with a
smooth Linux setup and no one would give a shit. Oh well, it was nearing
it's age anyways.

Going back to topic; I'm currently backing up all of the shit I had on
this installation and then I'm going to do the good ol' reinstallation.

Wish me luck!


18:16 2019-09-20

Kudos to that fella Naruto-running behind that reporter. You win the
internet for today. Moving on!

I posted a lot more music, so that's pretty cool. I still need a better
way of making these, the thing that takes the most time is slowly uploading
each of the tracks onto bitcheese, as that file host has never failed me.
As I've said before, only time will tell what will happen.

Last night was cold! It hit a nice 10C (10F) so I had to bundle up.
I found my black long-sleeve shirt, so I have at least /some/ style
in my regular day clothes. I have way too many blue shirts! :p

How many of you have tile floors? My house is half tile, half carpet.
It's pretty cool, quite literally. Heh, hehehe!

And a last note for this post; layer five is out.


18:38 2019-09-19

Okay, so SSL works just fine, it just takes a little bit of time for it
to take affect. Woo!

Slowly getting used to the whole git method of updating things, it takes
a little bit more time to get things posted online, but at least I always
have a local copy on me. Another sad thing is that GitLab needs to "build"
the repo in order for Pages to work, so that adds another minute for things
to update. Oh well, the downsides of free hosting! :D

Tomorrow will be the good ol' Area 51 raid. I wonder who will actually
do it. I know a few YouTubers got arrested for visiting there earlier,
but I wonder what will really stop thousands of crazy teens and adults
from going there. Good luck everyone! I'm sending you the best of wishes
from the east coast!

Oh yeah, I changed the Lain uploads from 'wiredXX' to 'layerXX' so it
would be more accurate to the actual series.

I also posted the fourth part, so go check it out!


10:23 2019-09-19

Woe unto me! Neocities uploading is broken. I have moved yet again to
GitLab Pages. At least they also have HTTPS, but for some reason the
force SSL thing isn't working. Who knows?

I added some more things onto the music streaming page, you can take a
look at it in the link in the previous blog post.


16:53 2019-09-17

I set up a simple music streaming webpage! It uses APlayer, a very simple
yet beautiful music player. Take a look at it!


EDIT (2019-09-19): Replaced link with working one.


08:21 2019-09-16

I think I found a way to archive pixiv accounts easily. I'll just go
around downloading random accounts that I like, and I'll also take requests
along the way. I'm not going to take the time to update the website in
its fancy formatted glory, but I'll upload it, and just change a text file
showing all of the downloaded accounts.

You can then email me requesting a download and I'll /then/ post the
link onto the pixiv archives page. I feel like that will be easier for me
and everyone else. This method obviously adds a waiting time window, but
I think it will work out in the end.

wired 02 is uploaded. I'll continue hardcoding Lain until I finish. Maybe
one episode every day? Seems pretty good to me.


22:07 2019-09-14

Hm, no new pixiv archives coming soon. Send your requests!

I'm planning on hardcoding Lain and slapping it on some filehosts.
Watch it together, perhaps?

12:13 2019-09-12

More uploads:

ryota (990017)     | [55MB]
富岡二郎 (16938052) | [124MB]

There were some updates to some other already uploaded artists, but
I can't find an easy way to update the links. Yeah, I can quickly create
the 7z and rclone it to the drive, but actually /updating/ the website
fast, is an issue. I'm currently sorting the artists by update time
(oldest to newest), but I think I'm going to change that to sort by name.

Time will tell what I will do in the end.


15:17 2019-09-11

Never forget.

Yesterday, I added two more artists to the archive.

kenshin187 (3444594, R-18) | [441MB]
banishment (23223750)      |[1.55GB]

I need to figure out why Colab keeps randomly nuking my sessions. It's
beginning to become impossible to do anything and leave it alone. If
anyone has an idea on how to fix this other than constantly making new
Google accounts, that would be greatly appreciated.


12:08 2019-09-10

New day, new artists. Some were archived yesterday, but I did it
after I made the blog posts. Edited post suck. (I do it too.)

 (53928)                        | [1.04GB]
Mika Pikazo (1039353)           | [424MB]
猫月ユキ (2077206)               | [397MB]

^^ Curses! Unicode scuffs my perfect table.

How are people feeling? It's the start of the school year for me,
and some people are already not faring too well with it. For me,
it's not too difficult, but more frustrating. I'm not the type to get
many questions correct, and the proof is right there. I get more
stressed out while trying to take notes during study, than having to
right my wrong answers.

Maybe it's just me. I don't know.

Best of luck to everyone!


17:33 2019-09-09
Added R-18 warnings to the artists that have that content in their works.
Take a look: https://ztgasdf.neocities.org/pixiv.html

I also added another artist.
未琴圭@土曜日西2つ-12b (3649884, R-18) | [330MB]


13:54 2019-09-08
So it begins. I got sick of Heliohost's slow CPanel interface,
and I finally caved in and decided for something simpler and faster.

Greetings, Neocities. I hope you will take care of me.